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I'm a Psychologist and Executive Coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurs build a fulfilling life and thriving business aligned with their values.

My work focuses on exploring the psychology of how to succeed in life and business.

I'm obsessed with human flourishing, fulfillment, and what gets in our way.


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Dr. Corey Wilks is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach who helps the top entrepreneurs in the world clarify what matters, overcome limiting beliefs, and build a values-aligned life and business. His work explores the psychology of success and what gets in our way. And he shares these insights in his weekly newsletter, which you can check out at

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Corey Wilks, Psy.D.

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Executive Coach
  • Entrepreneur
  • Writer 


Hey, I'm Dr. Corey Wilks

I help the top entrepreneurs in the world clarify what matters, overcome limiting beliefs, and build a values-aligned life and business. 

I've coached VC-backed founders, CEOs, 7-figure creators, and bootstrapped entrepreneurs across industries (AI, CPG, tech, media, etc.).

You may have seen me on Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, Modern Wisdom with Chris Williamson, or The Pathless Path with Paul Millerd. 

I believe too many people die regretting not having done more with their lives.

So I want to help as many entrepreneurs reach their potential as I can with the time I have left.

Time is our most precious resource‚ÄĒit‚Äôs the one thing we can never get more of once it‚Äôs gone.

Everything I do is about helping entrepreneurs like you reach their potential and make the most of the time they have left.

I've worked with some of the biggest names in the creator space like Ali Abdaal (check out a newsletter he dedicated to his favorite 6 Mental Models for Solving Problems he learned from working together), and have worked with creator communities like:

  • David Perell's Write of Passage
  • Jay Clouse's Creator Science Lab
  • Justin Moore's Brand Deal Wizard
  • Tim Stoddart's Copyblogger Academy
  • Ali Abdaal's Part-Time YouTuber Academy

I'm also a contributor for Psychology Today, where hundreds of thousands of people around the world have read my content exploring the psychology of human flourishing, fulfillment, and what gets in our way.

I also write a free weekly newsletter, where I explore the psychology of how to succeed in life and business.

I’ve spent the last 16+ years studying psychology and helping people overcome obstacles, reach their potential, and build a fulfilling life and thriving business.

I'd love to help you do the same.


A Bit More About Me...

I grew up in rural Appalachia and went to Marshall University, where I earned my Psy.D. (Doctor of Clinical Psychology).

Throughout my doctoral training and after getting licensed, I worked as a Behavioral Health Provider (aka, therapist) in integrated primary care‚ÄĒwhere I specialized in addiction treatment.

After seeing so many people struggle to build their life around doing meaningful, purpose-driven work that fulfilled them, I started writing online to help people get more out of life through understanding and applying practical concepts from psychology.

In 2020, I stopped practicing therapy to explore human flourishing, fulfillment, and what gets in our way.

Now I use my expertise as a psychologist to coach, create content, and collaborate with inspirational creators and communities all over the world so we can all get a little closer to reaching our potential.

When I'm not working, I'm typically training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (I'm a brown belt), playing D&D, or exploring Austin, TX. 


Examples of What My Clients Have Achieved:

  • Created a 7-figure company¬†that energizes them, feels authentic to who they want to be, and allows them to explore their creativity by impacting thousands of entrepreneurs around the world.
  • Freed up 15 hours every week¬†by removing themselves as the bottleneck in their company.¬†How valuable would freeing up 40% of your time be for you and your business?
  • Created their "perfect week,"¬†by clarifying their mission, building a product ecosystem, and aligning their life and business with their¬†Core Value‚ÄĒthe freedom to educate and inspire millions of people around the world to live their best lives.
  • Crafted an authentic brand narrative¬†to position their company as the go-to authority in their niche.
  • Turned their ideas into income¬†by¬†productizing¬†their expertise to help companies¬†scale their impact.
  • Inspired people around the world¬†to take action toward renewable energy by leveraging the power of storytelling to create a future mythology around the importance of climate tech and green initiatives.

And the one thing every client I work with develops:

The courage to put themselves and their ideas out into the world, do the work only they can do, and align their life and business with doing meaningful, purpose-driven work that fulfills them. 


Popular Topics

These are the most common topics I cover in my own writing, coaching, workshops, and interviews (but I'm always down to talk about things outside these).

Values Work


  • Building a values-aligned life and business
  • General topics around human flourishing, fulfillment, and what gets in our way
  • How to avoid getting stuck on the Hedonic Treadmill



  • Why most productivity advice doesn't work
  • What's hiding behind most self-sabotaging behaviors like perfectionism, procrastination, Imposter Syndrome, and Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Understanding limiting beliefs and toxic personal narratives that hold creators and entrepreneurs back



  • How to attract life-changing opportunities as an entrepreneur using a "permissionless approach"
  • Lessons learned building a business
  • How to create a content ecosystem
  • What most people get wrong about building a "brand"
  • Proven frameworks to create content people love¬†
  • Why creators should offer coaching

Memento Mori


  • Using mortality as a motivator to live fully
  • How to practice deep, intentional gratitude every day
  • How to take back control of your time, energy, and attention
  • Clarifying your true priorities, so you can focus on what matters and filter out distractions

Psychology of Success 

  • Creating your own definition of success instead of following the crowd
  • The "hidden costs of success" and why most successful people end up miserable
  • Avoiding the path of "lucrative misery"

Random Topics


  • Growing up poor in rural Appalachia
  • Going through domestic violence
  • Practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (currently a brown belt, training for 10+ years)
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Therapy vs. Coaching and why I left therapy
  • How getting fired catapulted me into entrepreneurship

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What Do People Say About Me and My Work?

"I really appreciate your work. I really appreciate the input that you’ve got. I appreciate the insight that you bring as well. I like the fact that you’re bridging the clinical with the coaching side, too."

- Chris Williamson

"[Corey's episode on the Smart Passive Income Podcast] is a masterclass on your mindset.


You gotta check him out."

- Pat Flynn

"I think you’re one of the most thoughtful people in helping people navigate the metagame of what we’re doing. I can only imagine where you’re headed ... I’m so pumped to see where you go with all this stuff. I want people to check out your stuff and definitely support you."

- Paul Millerd
"My life and business have already improved significantly since working with Corey.
In a shockingly short period of time, we were able to do some major big-picture work - distilling down my values, identifying the kind of life I want to build, honing in on meaningful projects - and develop tactical plans for execution that aligned with those big-picture objectives and intelligently accounted for any obstacles that were likely to arise.
I'm already further down multiple paths than I could've imagined."
- Alex M.

 "Your knowledge of psychology really shows and has given me a lot of insight. The way you talk is super conversational and makes me feel like I’m talking to a human, not being lectured to. Thank you for the thoughtfulness you put into your answers. I endorse what you do 100%."

- Dakota Robertson
Entrepreneur, Growth Ghost

"Corey has a way to help you find your unique path, mainly by keeping incredibly cool, and asking the right questions at the right time...he's like a personal trainer for the mind."

- Peter Buch
Founder, Stardust

"I’ve worked with a handful of “fluffy, feel-good” coaches over the years. Corey’s the exact opposite of that. This was the most direct, no-bullshit coaching I’ve experienced, and I loved it... As someone who over-complicates everything, this was a much-needed shot of clarity and energy...The dude is legit."

- Rob Hardy
Founder, Ungated Media

 "Corey is a master at listening and asking good questions. He's developed insight from his background in psychotherapy and from being a founder himself, that he uses to seamlessly guide others with."

- Christine Carrillo
CEO Coach & Entrepreneur

"Corey has a unique and incredible blend of both expertise but importantly authenticity that makes him so powerful in his work with me.  I've thoroughly enjoyed working with him and sharing his gifts in our community and world."

- Cory Miller
Entrepreneur, Community Leader at Post Status

"Corey is as real as it gets. He is easy to talk to, genuinely interested in what you have to say and he will give you his insights straight."

- Tobi Emonts-Holley
CEO & Coach

"Corey's absolutely awesome... He's got such a great, chill vibe and a really down-to-earth, no-bullshit way of delivering stuff and answering questions."

- Bhav
Head of Operations, PTYA

"Corey does a fantastic job at delivering distilled, experienced wisdom and teaching in a remarkably practical and down-to-earth way. 

He's no-bullshit."

- Tommy Mallen
Former Director, PTYA



"Corey has a no bullshit attitude to teaching and breaks everything down in such a great way."

- Alison Bergin
Operations Associate, PTYA


"Corey helped me overcome my mental blocks and helped me take action that changed my life trajectory. He's sincere, real and absolutely no bullshit. I'm very grateful to have his support on my creator journey!"

- Angie Wang
Freelancer & Creator at Angie Creates

"Corey’s really good about making sure that the time you spend with him is going to save you 10x the amount of time you’d spend if you did this by yourself."

- Christin Chong, Ph.D.
Cofounder, honeyritual

"Corey is a no-nonsense psychologist and coach. He brings a powerful combination of perceptiveness, candor, and expertise to everything he does. If you get the chance to work with Corey in any capacity, do it."

- Justin Mulvaney
Leadership Coach & Entrepreneur

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