Ready to Reach Your Potential?


I'm a Psychologist and Coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurs build a fulfilling life and thriving business aligned with their values.

If you're ready to:

  • clarify what matters
  • overcome what's standing in your way
  • finally have the impact you know you're capable of making

So you can reach your potential and do meaningful, purpose-driven work that fulfills you, read on...

Do Any of These Problems Sound Familiar?

  • You’ve read all the self-help books, but still feel stuck.
  • You’re looking for clear direction about the next chapter of your life or business.
  • You’ve taken tons of courses, but they felt too fluffy and woo-woo to actually help you get results.
  • You’re tired of knowing you’re meant for more, but struggling to figure out how to unlock your potential.
  • You want a proven system to repeatedly set and achieve meaningful goals you can use for the rest of your life.
  • You’re driven, but you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels instead of taking your life in a meaningful direction.
  • You’re at a crossroads with your life or business and want a system to help you make the best decisions for your future.

Coaching might be exactly what you've been looking for...

You Know You're Capable of More, But Something's Missing 

Through coaching, you'll develop systems to give you the 3 missing pieces you need to reach your potential and build a thriving life and business aligned with what matters most to you.


Why People Come to Me for Coaching

Clarity on...


  • How to get "unstuck" in life and business
  • What success means to you and how to achieve it
  • How to take back control of your time, energy, and attention
  • Your true priorities, so you can focus on what matters and filter out distractions 

Strategies to...


  • Overcome self-sabotaging behaviors like perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, and Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Identify and anticipate what's holding you back like limiting beliefs and toxic personal narratives
  • Tap into your unique strengths and resources and apply these to overcome anything standing in your way
  • Remove bottlenecks causing you to waste time, energy, attention, and money in your business

Accountability to...

  • Know when you're getting in your own way
  • Make your ideal life—however you define it—a reality 
  • Take deliberate action to get out of your way and move forward
  • Clarify, unify, and expand your vision of what you’re capable of and how to achieve it

Throughout Coaching You'll Develop Systems to...

Clarify What Matters

What does a fulfilling life and business look like to you? You’ll learn mental models to pinpoint what a life well-lived means, so you can start building it.

Create Meaningful Goals

Most goals don’t move the needle toward a fulfilling life and business. You’ll learn frameworks to create goals that do.

Overcome Self-Sabotage

You’ll learn how to identify and anticipate obstacles that stop you from making progress.

Maximize Leverage

You’ll learn strategies to tap into your unique strengths and resources to help you overcome anything that stands in your way.

Make High-Impact Decisions

Most opportunities are distractions that aren’t worth your time, energy, or attention. You’ll develop systems to focus on what matters and filter out the rest.

Maintain Momentum

Between weekly live calls, exercises to practice between sessions, and email check-ins, we'll make sure you stay on track and focused on achieving success.

Walk Away From Every Session with Tools You Can Use for a Lifetime

- Leo Guinan

Who Will Get the Most Out of Coaching?



Who want to reach their potential by doing meaningful, purpose-driven work that fulfills them and has a big impact on the world.



Who want to align their life and business with their values, pivot toward purpose-driven work, or find clarity on what to build next.

Makers & Do-ers


Who want to clarify what matters in their lives, take meaningful action to make it a reality, and stop letting fear and uncertainty hold them back.

Why Successful Entrepreneurs Hire Coaches

Pay for professional help. If you think pros are expensive, try hiring an amateur.” — Ryan Holiday

If you stay on your current trajectory, where will you be in 3 months? What about in a year?

Think of how far you could get on your own.

Now think where you’ll be if, instead of going it alone, you worked with a specialist to develop the clarity, strategy, and accountability you need to achieve your goals in a fraction of the time.

This is why creators and entrepreneurs who are serious about succeeding hire the best coaches.

A few of the incredible outcomes my clients have achieved:

  • Removed themselves as a bottleneck for their company and freed up 15 hours each week. How valuable would an extra 780 hours a year be for you and your business? That’s over a full calendar month’s worth of more time.
  • Clarified their creator mission, expanded their product ecosystem, and optimized their life and business around their "perfect week."
  • Crafted an authentic brand narrative to position their company as the go-to authority in their niche.
  • Codified their expertise into an email-based course to help companies optimize their transition to fully-remote.
  • Created a thriving subscription-based membership platform that energizes them and allows them to explore their creativity by helping others become entrepreneurs.
  • Wrote a book to help founders navigate the startup world while prioritizing mental health, and is working on their latest startup focused on optimizing human nutrition to prepare us to be a spacefaring society.

Ready to reach your potential?

I can help.

When You Work with Me...

I'll help you develop the clarity, strategy, and accountability you need to reach your potential and build your life and business aligned with your values.

Because when you’re in charge of your business, it’s easy to be unsure which path to take and feel alone blazing your own trail. Either because you’re surrounded by “yes-men,” you have blind spots preventing you from moving forward, or you have limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors holding you back.

Each of these prevents you and your business from making meaningful progress.

Through coaching, you'll get blunt, constructive, actionable feedback to help you work through ideas. Through this thought-partnering, you’ll gain clarity on which decisions best align with your mission.

So you can build a meaningful, purpose-driven life and business that fulfills you, and finally reach your potential.


Who Am I?


Corey Wilks, Psy.D.

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Executive Coach
  • Entrepreneur
  • Writer 


As Seen In:


Hey, I'm Dr. Corey Wilks

I've coached VC-backed founders, CEOs, 7-figure creators, and bootstrapped entrepreneurs across industries (AI, CPG, tech, media, etc.).

You may have seen me on Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, Modern Wisdom with Chris Williamson, or The Pathless Path with Paul Millerd. 

I believe too many people die regretting not having done more with their lives.

So I want to help as many entrepreneurs reach their potential as I can with the time I have left.

Time is our most precious resource—it’s the one thing we can never get more of once it’s gone.

Everything I do is about helping entrepreneurs like you reach their potential and make the most of the time they have left.

I've worked with some of the biggest names in the creator space like Ali Abdaal, and have worked with creator communities like:

  • David Perell's Write of Passage
  • Jay Clouse's Creator Science Lab
  • Justin Moore's Brand Deal Wizard
  • Tim Stoddart's Copyblogger Academy
  • Ali Abdaal's Part-Time YouTuber Academy

I'm also a contributor for Psychology Today, where hundreds of thousands of people around the world have read my content exploring the psychology of human flourishing, fulfillment, and what gets in our way.

I also write a free weekly newsletter, where I explore the psychology of how to succeed in life and business.

I’ve spent the last 16+ years studying psychology and helping people overcome obstacles, reach their potential, and build a fulfilling life and thriving business.

I'd love to help you do the same.


Want to Get a Feel for How I Think and If We'd Vibe?

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But Doesn't Coaching Take a Long Time?

Let me be blunt. I’m here to get shit done. I’m not here to milk you for more money.

Plenty of coaches will charge you a little less, but you could wait weeks or months to start making real progress.

My ultimate goal is to make myself obsolete—to give you all the tools, strategies, and mental models you need to go out and flourish on your own.

So I put everything I have into every session to get you maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

After your very first session, you should walk away with a shit-ton of clarity on where you want to go, what’s standing in your way, and a plan to move forward.

My average coaching engagement is 1-3 months because people come in, get exactly what they need from coaching, then go on to absolutely crush it on their own.

Remember, when you work with me, you’re working with a doctoral-level psychologist and executive coach with over 16 years of psychological experience and expertise, who’s worked with world-renowned creators and given workshops on mindset to some of the top creator communities in the world.

What Do People Say About Me and My Work?

"I really appreciate your work. I really appreciate the input that you’ve got. I appreciate the insight that you bring as well. I like the fact that you’re bridging the clinical with the coaching side, too."

- Chris Williamson

"[Corey's episode on the Smart Passive Income Podcast] is a masterclass on your mindset.


You gotta check him out."

- Pat Flynn

"I think you’re one of the most thoughtful people in helping people navigate the metagame of what we’re doing. I can only imagine where you’re headed ... I’m so pumped to see where you go with all this stuff. I want people to check out your stuff and definitely support you."

- Paul Millerd
"My life and business have already improved significantly since working with Corey.
In a shockingly short period of time, we were able to do some major big-picture work - distilling down my values, identifying the kind of life I want to build, honing in on meaningful projects - and develop tactical plans for execution that aligned with those big-picture objectives and intelligently accounted for any obstacles that were likely to arise.
I'm already further down multiple paths than I could've imagined."
- Alex M.
Entrepreneur, Wallaroo

 "Your knowledge of psychology really shows and has given me a lot of insight. The way you talk is super conversational and makes me feel like I’m talking to a human, not being lectured to. Thank you for the thoughtfulness you put into your answers. I endorse what you do 100%."

- Dakota Robertson
Entrepreneur, Growth Ghost

"Corey has a way to help you find your unique path, mainly by keeping incredibly cool, and asking the right questions at the right time...he's like a personal trainer for the mind."

- Peter Buch
Founder, Stardust

"I’ve worked with a handful of “fluffy, feel-good” coaches over the years. Corey’s the exact opposite of that. This was the most direct, no-bullshit coaching I’ve experienced, and I loved it... As someone who over-complicates everything, this was a much-needed shot of clarity and energy...The dude is legit."

- Rob Hardy
Founder, Ungated Media

 "Corey is a master at listening and asking good questions. He's developed insight from his background in psychotherapy and from being a founder himself, that he uses to seamlessly guide others with."

- Christine Carrillo
CEO Coach & Entrepreneur

"Corey has a unique and incredible blend of both expertise but importantly authenticity that makes him so powerful in his work with me.  I've thoroughly enjoyed working with him and sharing his gifts in our community and world."

- Cory Miller
Entrepreneur, Community Leader at Post Status

"Corey is as real as it gets. He is easy to talk to, genuinely interested in what you have to say and he will give you his insights straight."

- Tobi Emonts-Holley
CEO & Coach

"Corey's absolutely awesome... He's got such a great, chill vibe and a really down-to-earth, no-bullshit way of delivering stuff and answering questions."

- Bhav
Head of Operations, PTYA

"Corey does a fantastic job at delivering distilled, experienced wisdom and teaching in a remarkably practical and down-to-earth way. 

He's no-bullshit."

- Tommy Mallen
Former Director, PTYA



"Corey has a no bullshit attitude to teaching and breaks everything down in such a great way."

- Alison Bergin
Operations Associate, PTYA


"Corey helped me overcome my mental blocks and helped me take action that changed my life trajectory. He's sincere, real and absolutely no bullshit. I'm very grateful to have his support on my creator journey!"

- Angie Wang
Freelancer & Creator at Angie Creates

"Corey’s really good about making sure that the time you spend with him is going to save you 10x the amount of time you’d spend if you did this by yourself."

- Christin Chong, Ph.D.
Cofounder, honeyritual

"Corey is a no-nonsense psychologist and coach. He brings a powerful combination of perceptiveness, candor, and expertise to everything he does. If you get the chance to work with Corey in any capacity, do it."

- Justin Mulvaney
Leadership Coach & Entrepreneur

Stop Waiting for "Some Day"

How many times have you sat around daydreaming about having the freedom to control your schedule, build a business doing meaningful work that supports your lifestyle, and make the most of the time you have left?

 But, for some reason, you keep telling yourself:

  • "Someday, I'll start tapping into my potential."
  • "Someday, I'll build a business that supports a life where I feel free every single day."
  • "Someday, I'll stop procrastinating on taking action toward aligning my life and business with what matters most."

Here's a cold hard fact of life:

One day, you'll be out of "somedays."

This is why my right tattoo sleeve is dedicated to the Stoic concept of memento mori. It means "remember you will die." It's a reminder to make the most of the time we have left and use our mortality as a motivator to live fully.

To turn "someday" into "today."

Right the fuck now, while we still have it.

Because time is our most precious resource. Why spend it doing unfulfilling work?

Two years ago, I almost died.

As I laid in the hospital bed waiting to be transferred for the life-saving procedure, not knowing if I'd live to see the morning, I asked myself, "If this had been my last week alive, am I satisfied with how I spent my time?"

Thankfully, my answer was "yes." But a few weeks before that fateful night, it would've been "no."

I'd recently left an unfulfilling career and started down the path of being a solopreneur and content creator. I struggled with self-doubt, self-sabotaging behaviors, and had no idea how to make my ideal life a reality.

But I refused to spend my entire life in mediocrity, doing unfulfilling work, and letting fear hold me back from reaching my potential.

Over time, I've developed the clarity, strategy, and accountability to make it happen. 

Every single day since that fateful night has felt like I'm living fully, doing work that resonates with me and positively impacts the world, and allows me to support my lifestyle and my loved ones.

Because one day, I'll be out of "somedays."

Every week since that fateful night, I ask myself the same question: "If this had been my last week alive, am I satisfied with how I spent my time?"

Because one day, it will have been my last week alive.

With my last breath, I want to honestly be able to say, "YES."

And I want to help you do the same.

The systems we'll build in coaching are designed to help you get hyper clear on what truly matters, identify what's standing in your way, and develop strategies to overcome them.

So you can build a thriving life and business aligned with your values and reach your potential and spend your most precious resources—time—doing meaningful, purpose-driven work that fulfills you.

If you're ready to work together, stop waiting for "someday," and apply for coaching today.

What Are the Details of Coaching?


Monthly Retainer

4-Figure Investment

3 Clients, Max



I only work with 3 driven entrepreneurs at a time.

This ensures you get all the support you need to succeed.



What You Get



  • Up to 4 (four) 60-minute sessions each month.
  • Email support between sessions
  • Access to session recordings

Most people choose to do weekly sessions so we can hyper-focus on one goal at a time.

Session Format



  • Check-in
  • What worked, what you need help with
  • Goals for that session
  • Develop systems for clarity, strategy, and accountability to achieve goals
  • Agree on experiment to run for that week or exercises to practice
  • Wrap up


No long-term obligation.

 I'm here to help you succeed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

 Ready to Reach Your Potential?


Apply for Coaching Now

Not Ready to Invest in Monthly Coaching?

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In this one-off coaching session, we'll go deep on a single obstacle, goal, or idea you need to work through. You'll walk away with the clarity and strategy you need to move forward.


On-Demand Coaching Program

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