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Coaching Can Change Your Life, If You Do it Right...

Through coaching, I've been able to:

  • Turn my ideas into income
  • Attract life-changing opportunities
  • Go from unemployed to entrepreneur
  • Build a business that supports my lifestyle
  • Develop a deep relationship with my audience
  • Become friends with people who inspired me for years
  • And so much more...

And it all started with learning 10 essential coaching skills.

Coaching Made Simple will teach you these essential coaching skills, so you can become an effective coach.

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Corey Wilks, Psy.D.

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Executive Coach
  • Entrepreneur
  • Writer


Hey, I'm Dr. Corey Wilks

I believe too many people die regretting not having done more with their lives.

So I want to help as many creators and entrepreneurs reach their potential as I can with the time I have left.

Time is our most precious resource—it’s the one thing we can never get more of once it’s gone.

Everything I do is about helping creators like you reach their potential and make the most of the time they have left.

I've worked with some of the biggest names in the creator space like Ali Abdaal, and have worked with creator communities like:

  • David Perell's Write of Passage
  • Laura Evans-Hill's Pencil Pirates
  • Jay Clouse's Creator Science Lab
  • Ali Abdaal's Part-Time YouTuber Academy
  • Dickie Bush's and Nicolas Cole's Ship 30 for 30

I'm also a contributor for Psychology Today, where I write about the psychology of human flourishing, fulfillment, and what gets in our way.

I also write a free weekly newsletter, Creator Alchemy, where I share actionable insights on human flourishing, content creation, and online business.

I’ve spent the last 15+ years studying psychology and helping people overcome obstacles, reach their potential, and build a fulfilling life and thriving business.

Coaching has allowed me to build a life of freedom and attract life-changing opportunities.

Now, I want to teach you how to do the same.

Most of my clients are 6 and 7-figure creators who want to think bigger, overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors, and build their businesses and life aligned with their values.

It took me over 15 years and $200,000 of college and post-graduate training to learn these skills, but you know the weird thing?

Once I learned the fundamentals, every other class or training I took was a remix of the basics. 

I could've learned the fundamentals and been just as effective without wasting years of my life and hundreds of thousands of dollars taking classes where I didn't learn anything new.

In this course, I'll teach you the 10 fundamental skills every great coach masters first, so you can start your journey to become a world-class coach and attract incredible opportunities, too.

What Do People Say About Me and My Work?

"My life and business have already improved significantly since working with Corey.
In a shockingly short period of time, we were able to do some major big-picture work - distilling down my values, identifying the kind of life I want to build, honing in on meaningful projects - and develop tactical plans for execution that aligned with those big-picture objectives and intelligently accounted for any obstacles that were likely to arise.
I'm already further down multiple paths than I could've imagined."
- Alex M.
Entrepreneur, Wallaroo



 "Your knowledge of psychology really shows and has given me a lot of insight. The way you talk is super conversational and makes me feel like I’m talking to a human, not being lectured to. Thank you for the thoughtfulness you put into your answers. I endorse what you do 100%."

- Dakota Robertson
Entrepreneur, Growth Ghost

"Corey has a way to help you find your unique path, mainly by keeping incredibly cool, and asking the right questions at the right time...he's like a personal trainer for the mind."

- Peter Buch
Founder, Stardust

"I’ve worked with a handful of “fluffy, feel-good” coaches over the years. Corey’s the exact opposite of that. This was the most direct, no-bullshit coaching I’ve experienced, and I loved it... As someone who over-complicates everything, this was a much-needed shot of clarity and energy...The dude is legit."

- Rob Hardy
Founder, Ungated Media

 "Corey is a master at listening and asking good questions. He's developed insight from his background in psychotherapy and from being a founder himself, that he uses to seamlessly guide others with."

- Christine Carrillo
CEO Coach & Entrepreneur

"Corey has a unique and incredible blend of both expertise but importantly authenticity that makes him so powerful in his work with me.  I've thoroughly enjoyed working with him and sharing his gifts in our community and world."

- Cory Miller
Entrepreneur, Community Leader at Post Status

"Corey is as real as it gets. He is easy to talk to, genuinely interested in what you have to say and he will give you his insights straight."

- Tobi Emonts-Holley
CEO & Coach

"Corey's absolutely awesome... He's got such a great, chill vibe and a really down-to-earth, no-bullshit way of delivering stuff and answering questions."

- Bhav
Head of Operations, PTYA

"Corey does a fantastic job at delivering distilled, experienced wisdom and teaching in a remarkably practical and down-to-earth way. 

He's no-bullshit."

- Tommy Mallen
Director, PTYA



"Corey has a no bullshit attitude to teaching and breaks everything down in such a great way."

- Alison Bergin
Operations Associate, PTYA


"Corey’s really good about making sure that the time you spend with him is going to save you 10x the amount of time you’d spend if you did this by yourself."

- Christin Chong, Ph.D.
Cofounder, honeyritual

"Corey is a no-nonsense psychologist and coach. He brings a powerful combination of perceptiveness, candor, and expertise to everything he does. If you get the chance to work with Corey in any capacity, do it."

- Justin Mulvaney
Leadership Coach & Entrepreneur

"What Corey helps people realize is that the first step [to building a fulfilling life] is understanding yourself better. And what he’s really great at is getting you to self-reflect and understand yourself in order to better understand your place in the world."

- Chris Wong
Entrepreneur, Course Clubs

 Interested in How to Become a Coach, But Don't Know Where to Start?



This free course will teach you the 10 essential skills you must learn first.

In under 60 minutes